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Vaginitis Q & A
What is vaginitis?

When you have an infection, irritation or inflammation in your vagina, it is called vaginitis. Vaginal infections occur when the normal pH balance and environment of the vagina is disrupted. Any woman can develop vaginitis.


What are the symptoms of vaginitis?


Depending on the type of infection you have, your symptoms will vary. Common symptoms include:

  • Sticky, thick or thin discharge
  • Strong odor
  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Bleeding

What are the most common vaginal infections?

In most cases, vaginitis develops when your vagina’s pH balance has been threatened and altered due to some infection. When vaginitis occurs, one of the following causes is usually to blame:

  • Yeast infections from a fungus that occurs naturally
  • Bacterial infections from an overgrowth of abnormal bacteria
  • Trichomoniasis from a parasite transferred during sex

Can you have vaginitis without having an infection?

Yes, some types of vaginitis aren’t triggered by an infection. Some other contributors to the itching, burning, and discharge associated with vaginitis are:

  • Sensitivity to douches, sprays, laundry products and self-care products
  • Complications from prolonged tampon use or a lodged tampon
  • Irritation from vaginal atrophy brought on by menopause
  • Vaginal growths, scars or lesions
  • Vaginal skin rashes like eczema or psoriasis

How are vaginal infections treated?

The providers at Womens Clinic will select a treatment for you depending on the cause of your vaginitis. If your vaginitis is infectious, you will receive a prescription for an antibiotic.

If your vaginitis is bacterial, you may be prescribed a blend of several medications, including antibiotic creams or ointments, antibiotic shots, antifungals or oral antibiotic pills.

Besides your treatment, you’ll want to see that your partner is also cared for if you have an STD in conjunction with vaginitis. While you and your partner are being treated, you’ll need to discontinue any sexual activity for a couple of weeks.

Left untreated, vaginal infections can become quite serious. Call on the expert nurse practitioners at Womens Clinic to resolve vaginitis and its bothersome symptoms. Use the online scheduler or call our office to make an appointment today.

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